Bringing Change to our community and St. Anthony School - the Aviva Campaign

posted Oct 9, 2014, 12:08 PM by School Websites
We are in round one of the Aviva Campaign - our proposal is to transform the St. Anthony yard into a green haven for the entire community; a place where children can play and be with our friends.

Why now?

Fifteen years ago a greening project was started here to take out some of the old asphalt and add some trees.  Now, we want to finish what was started.  We want to get rid of the asphalt and replace it with a child-friendly play surface.  We want to build real play structures for our kids and we want more trees to bring life to a yard that really needs to be reborn.  We can do all this by winning the Aviva Community Fund campaign.  We need your support!

Click the link to vote for us!